Monday, 12 October 2015

It's A Heigh-Ho Holiday!

Our Seven Dwarfs getting busy and dig, dig, digging in the sand!
With such a bumper year coming up in 2016 for The Wight Strollers, we decided it was time to really crack on with panto and get the publicity started early...with a much-needed holiday!

Snow White, Prince Ferdinand, Queen Avarice and all seven - that's right, all seven! - dwarfs decided to up and leave their fairytale roles for a weekend and go on holiday to a mystical beach far, far away.

In Shanklin.

Upon their return, they decided to share their holiday snaps with us. They said it would be good publicity, but we think they just wanted to make everyone jealous as they lapped up the last of this year's sunshine!

Without further ado, let's find our what our wayward characters got up to on their holiday...

Sniffle's workmanship is not to be sneezed at!

Once everyone had gathered at Brainy's beach hut, the day began the only way any beach holiday can: with the building of a sandcastle.

And not just any sandcastle...

A Disney sandcastle.

So, with the help of our producers and honorary dwarfs for a day, Mike and Judith, the team set to work.

Complete with flags, it was quite the creation!

But it took a lot of work and a lot of sand, and tempers (namely Grumbly's) were soon starting to fray...

Mercifully, our hero Prince Ferdinand was able to wrestle the shovel away from Grumbly before any real damage was done, and our castle was saved!

Once everyone had calmed down, refreshments were in order and what do dwarfs most like to drink on their days off?

Why, 7-Up, of course!

Feeling thoroughly refreshed and ready for their next beach activity, the dwarfs took to the waves for a body-boarding lesson from Prince Ferdinand.

Sadly, though, not everyone could stay awake long enough to take advantage of the free tuition!

Wake up, Snoozy!

No? Alright, then, suit yourself.

It's not quite a horse and carriage, but it does the job!

Meanwhile, our very own Princess Snow White had far more success, although we can't help but feel like she didn't really do much of the legwork...

What it is to be a princess and have a handsome prince to come to your rescue at every turn - some people have all the luck!

Exhausted from their watersports, our characters' stomachs were starting to rumble...

All together now: "She's behind you!"
In a rare display of kindness, Queen Avarice offered to provide the snacks and everyone settled down to a nice, juicy apple.

She even pulled up a sun lounger for Snow White, so our heroine could relax in style.

Hold on a minute.

Something's wrong with this picture...

So much for turning over a new leaf - someone take that apple from Snow White before she can eat it, please!

It wouldn't do to have her sleep through all our rehearsals!

A crisis was averted when, before she could take a bite of the apple, the dwarfs spotted what the Queen was up to and turned their water pistols on the villain without hesitation!

We hope she's learned her lesson...but, somehow, we doubt it!

Given a moment's peace, Prince Ferdinand and Princess Snow White decided to retreat to their deckchairs and recline while they had the chance.

Unfortunately, it looks like Prince Ferdinand found Snow White's talk of forest creatures, wishing wells and cleaning cottages too much to handle!

Either that or he took a bite of the red apple...

...For his sake, we think he should go with the latter explanation!

When the dwarfs finally returned, with Queen Avarice in tow, Snow White took it upon herself to wake the prince with one of their water pistols. Let's hope she never needs waking up from an apple-induced sleep - he might be tempted to deviate from the story and take revenge!

With their holiday coming to a close, Snow White finally managed to negotiate a truce between the dwarfs and Queen Avarice, and they returned to their beloved sandcastle for one last group photo before heading home.

A Happy Holiday with the cast of 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs'


We would like to thank Amanda and Allan Gregory for the use of their beach hut, breakfast and the many inflatables, body-boards, buckets and spades they so generously provided. To Allan, too, a huge thank-you for taking such wonderful photos of the holiday!

We would also like to thank the team at Smallhope Beach, Shanklin, for being so accommodating, our producers - Mike Squibb and Judith Day - for building the sandcastle, Karen Cassford for co-ordinating all seven dwarfs, and BlackMilk Clothing for the Snow White swimming costume.

Finally, a huge thank-you to our wonderful cast members for giving up their Saturday and getting into the spirit of the day with so much enthusiasm.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Grannies En Pointe for Carnival Season!

We could not be more proud of our troupe of ballet-dancing grannies if we tried! At the time of our last blog post, we were about halfway through our carnival season - the season has now ended and I am pleased to report that we have pirouetted our way to a grand total of fourteen trophies!

In the second half of the season, we won three trophies - Best Overall, Best Comic Entry and the Westfield Holiday Centre Challenge Cup - at Ventnor Illuminated, the Second Prize cup at Sandown Illuminated, First Prize and Best Overall at Ryde Main and Second Prize at Ryde Illuminated.

Needless to say, we're chuffed - exhausted, but chuffed!

Congratulations, grannies, and thank-you to everyone who supported us and, of course, to the dedicated Island carnival committees who work so hard to make these events happen.

We've had such wonderful feedback from members of the public over the summer and our Facebook page is growing in popularity so fast that we're confident we'll hit the 1,000 likes mark by our February 2016 pantomime.

Speaking of pantomime, rehearsals will be starting next month but our production team are already hard at work designing scenery, choosing musical numbers, delivering scripts and working on some rather special publicity stunts that we just know you're going to love!

Watch this space and save the dates in your diary for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. We haven't even started rehearsals yet and already we can tell it's going to be a cracking show for all the family...


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs will be performed at Medina Theatre, Isle of Wight, on Saturday 13th, Sunday 14th and Saturday 20th February 2016.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Granny's At The Barre...

The Great British Summer is here at last and that means only one thing for The Wight Strollers: it's carnival season!

We got underway this year at Sandown Main, on July 27th, where we revealed our theme: 'Granny's At The Barre'. Pretty self-explanatory, it involves our troupe donning tutus, legwarmers and granny wigs and parading through the Island's streets performing our comedic, balletic routines.

This year's choreography comes down to Sarah Scotcher, Cheryl Rudd and Elisa Jones, who have been working hard to produce three exceptionally entertaining routines to 'Uptown Funk', 'Hooked on Tchaikovsky' and disco classic 'Ain't No Stopping Us Now'.

The first carnival is always a bit nerve-wracking. It's the moment we discover where our theme is a hit or a flop and this year's may well go down among our best, if the crowd's reaction in Sandown was anything to go by!

The judges loved us, too, and we walked away with First Prize in our class, the Chairman's Memorial Cup for being the most economic, effective and efficient entry and the trophy for Best Overall.

Newport, on August 1st, was no less successful and we were awarded First Prize and Best Overall there, too, which thrilled our graceful grannies and sent energy levels through the roof.

Cowes Main, a late addition to our programme, on August 6th, was another winning evening for our troupe, with another First Prize and Best Overall to add to our float.
Three carnivals down and, with seven trophies to show for them, it's safe to say we're over the moon!

We've got four more carnival appearances this season, so if you've missed out on seeing us so far, you can catch us at:

- Ventnor Illuminated: Saturday 15th August
- Sandown Illuminated: Wednesday 26th August
- Ryde Main: Thursday 27th August
- Ryde Illuminated: Saturday 5th September 

If you can't make it to a carnival, or you're not Island-based, never fear! There are plenty of pictures and YouTube videos circulating - why not check out the pictures on our Facebook page or the video from our first outing (check us out at 10:24 and 22:46) at Sandown's Main Procession?

Keep an eye on the blog for news from our final carnival appearances, pantomime news and a few more exciting announcements...

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Strolling into Summer

Carnival rehearsals are well underway and our theme is going to have you giggling across the Island this always, though, it's top secret, so don't go asking a Stroller to give the game away, our lips are sealed!

We've been rehearsing, costume-crafting and float-building for a few weeks now and things are going swimmingly. With only two weeks until our first carnival on Saturday 25th July in Sandown, we're polishing up the routines and putting the final touches to our floats ready to wow the crowds once more.

But that's not all we've been up to!

Last weekend, some of our members and their friends and families took part in a car treasure hunt around the Island, organised by two of our wonderful committee members, Judith Day and Mike Squibb. There were ten teams taking part in the fundraiser and everyone (eventually!) made it back to the picnic point with 'The Dibley Winners' emerging victorious.

We'll also be at the Funtasia Festival at Los Altos Park in Sandown on the 25th and 26th July, running a bottle tombola to raise more funds to cover the ever-increasing cost of putting on our shows, so we can continue to give as much money to local charities as we can. If you can support us by donating some bottles (full ones!) then please leave a comment or get in touch via Facebook to let us know - or you can just come along and buy a ticket or five for the tombola and try your luck at winning a prize!

Speaking of fundraising, one of our members - Nicola Chastney, known to Aladdin audiences as So-Shy - is abseiling the Spinnaker Tower for Parkinson's UK next weekend. Good luck, Nicola, we're all rooting for you!

Another not-so-little announcement comes in the form of our 2016 pantomime. In our last blog entry, we announced it as being Mother Goose, but sadly we've struggled to find a script this time around that meets the needs of the company so we've done a bit of a U-turn and our 2016 pantomime will now be...

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!

A firm favourite with many of our members, this classic fairytale was last brought to life by The Wight Strollers in 2008 and we can't wait to bring it back!

Our director will be casting the show over the summer and rehearsals will start in the autumn, along with our usual selection of backstage blogs for your enjoyment. In the meantime, watch this space for carnival news and pictures and we'll see you out and about this carnival season - give us a wave when you spot us!

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

'Aladdin' Delves into Cave of Wonders for Island Charities

We are thrilled to announce that we have given away £6,200 to local charities, following our successful run of Aladdin during the February half term.

The production was The Wight Strollers' 35th annual pantomime and takes their grand charity total over the £130,000 mark, with every penny staying on the Island.

We handed over our charity donations at our AGM on Thursday, April 23, to representatives from both causes.

Louise Walker, Commercial and Community Training Manager for the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service, accepted a cheque for £5,000 to purchase three Public Access Defibrillators, in coded boxes to make them accessible 24/7, for the Island.

She said: "What a privilege to meet such an amazing group of people...words are not enough to express my sincere thanks on behalf of the Isle of Wight Ambulance Community Training Department.

"Without a defibrillator, your out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival chances are 5-6%. With one, that can go up to 74%. I can't thank you enough - this is an incredible donation to the Island community."

Joan Rigby a former member of The Wight Strollers, then collected a £1,200 cheque for the IW Prostate Cancer & Urology Support Group.

"Who'd have thought, when a small group of us got together all those years ago and performed as The Wight Strollers, that we'd come so far?

"A big thank you to The Wight Strollers for this generous donation," she said. "As usual, the Strollers pulled out all the stops to provide a top class production which the IW should be proud of."

After we'd presented the cheques, we arrived at the matter of our 2016 pantomime, which will be - drumroll, please! - Mother Goose, to be performed in February 2016 at Medina Theatre. It will, once again, be directed by Sarah Scotcher, who fought off tough competition from a guy called Spielberg for the privilege!

Three committee members were also due to stand down, but all three - Mike Squibb, David Kast and myself - were re-elected to serve another term.

One thing that was clear, looking out at the sea of faces in attendance, is how far The Wight Strollers have come over the years, and how incredibly lucky we are to have such a dedicated membership and loyal audience following.

"Over recent years, the standard of our productions has risen and I didn't think we could get much better," said Mike Sutcliffe, our Chairman. "But with Aladdin we did. Everything was outstanding...

"I am incredibly proud to be part of a small family company like ours, capable of staging something so spectacular, taking our reputation to an even higher level."

Well said, Mr Chairman - very well said indeed!

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Aladdin 2015: The Feedback, Part 2

It's been one week since we finished our run of Aladdin, and the post-panto blues have hit us hard! But making us feel better every day is the feedback that is still flooding in...and it's nothing short of glowing. Here's a selection of the feedback we've received for our final two performances:

"Fantastic show yesterday, my daughter and I loved it - thank you!"
- Kathryn Marie Mitchell

"Thank you, Strollers, for a fantastic show, lots of laughs and fab costumes - and also for letting Kimberley Ritchie be part of this year's panto, she loved it...all of you well done!"
- Caroline B Ritchie

"That was a fabulous show, we thoroughly enjoyed it. Well done to all!"
- Clare Barnes

"Just got back from watching Aladdin performed by The Wight Strollers. Awesome as always."
- Julie Anne Harris

"Thank you soooo [sic] much for another epically funny and entertaining show! I had to wipe tears of laughter off my cheeks more than once. We never fail to leave with a smile and eager to buy next year's tickets. My hands are sore from applauding but [it] still doesn't seem enough to show how much we love your shows. Well done to every single Stroller - both on the stage and behind it!!"
- Lou Hewison

"Great evening, many thanks!"
- Robert Plumb

"After seeing the dress rehearsal we just had to watch again and boy you never disappointed! Absolutely enjoyable for the whole family, we never stopped laughing, You all certainly made my daughter's half term...thank you, all."
- Heidi Banks

"What a great performance, we laughed the whole way through, already looking forward to next year - well done guys, especially 'nugget.'"
- Graham Harrison

"Always love your shows, but this one was amazing - costumes were outstanding. Well done to all."
- Steph Ratje

"Loved it! Totally professional show. Look forward to next year's."
- Vicki Sampson

"It was fab this evening. Well done to everyone. Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I was sooo [sic] happy with the way it all looked in action. Very proud to have played a part in that."
- Angela Sowden (scenery artist extraordinaire!)

"Thank you from the 8th Ryde Brownies for a fantastic afternoon - it was brilliant, funny and [we] just loved the 'Razzle Dazzle'. We can't wait to see you all next year."
- Caroline Seaward

"It was fabulous!"
- Amanda Lewis

"Another amazing pantomime. The costumes were quite something this year. Can't wait for next year's."
- Heather Woodfield

"Massive well done to all of the cast and crew of Aladdin. Comical entrances, flying carpets scenes, genie rubbing innuendos, daft policemen and some wonderful costumes!"
- Fern Alexander

"I really enjoyed myself yesterday. I saw the matinee show with 1st Shanklin Rainbows. Really can't wait for the next show!"
- JackieStar Fearn

"Amazing show, loved it!"
- Bayliss and Booth

"Roll on next year! You all get better and better every year. We came twice this year...fabulous!"
- Ann Potts


Once again, thank-you so much to everyone who came to support our production of Aladdin - we're thrilled that our audiences seemed to love watching it as much as we loved performing it!

Watch this space for our charity donations, more Aladdin after-show gossip and the latest Wight Strollers news throughout the year.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Aladdin 2015: The Feedback, Part 1

Wow! What a first weekend! Packed audiences, magical shows and fantastic feedback flooding in - we couldn't be happier and, with this Saturday afternoon already sold out and less than 100 tickets left for Saturday evening, our final two shows are looking to be quite something!

We thought we'd share with you, our loyal supporters and readers, some of the feedback we've received so far for our first three shows...

"Had a great afternoon watching Aladdin at Medina Theatre - performed by The Wight Strollers. Thanks and well done to all the cast, especially great to see some of the family perform - Patrick Barry, Kiera Barry and even my 2-year-old niece Emilie had a part!"
- Ian White

"Fantastic show, all the brownies and leaders loved it. Thank you. Again you excelled yourselves."
- Cheryl Lamanna

"We are from an amateur theatre group from Staffordshire and came to Isle of Wight for a few days holiday. We came across an advertisement for Aladdin and thought it would be great to watch another group on stage! We were sitting second row from the front and we thought you all did a fantastic job! Good job on [the] show!
- Jake and Maria (Rugeley Musical Theatre Company)

"I have just spent a wonderful few hours in your company and must say that I have never enjoyed a Saturday night so much in years, the production was absolutely fabulous. The costumes were wonderful, the singing and dancing was faultless, the Chinese police, what can I say, were very funny and the genie just made the night FABULOUS! Well done, all of you...and the little gold nugget who made me cry, bless her."
- Wendy Wright

"Great performance tonight, loved it! Panto on Valentine's Day, great idea, who knew?"
- Martin Redhead

"Yesterday we went to the Medina Theatre to see Aladdin performed byThe Wight Strollers. It was spectacular. Such a great production. All action, high energy, lots of audience participation. A very professional show. Loved it. If you get the chance, go and see it."
- Maggie Currie

"Thank you once again a fabulous performance, very entertaining as always, Macie and her friends thoroughly enjoyed it, see you same time next year!"
- Dana Edkins

"Thank you for such a wonderful fun evening! Both the children and I enjoyed it, Hope all the performances go smoothly for all concerned, you're all fab."
- Heidi Banks

"Thank you so much for letting us come and watch your dress rehearsal of Aladdin! It was AWESOME! How do you all do it?! So entertaining and very funny. Well done on yet another fabulous production! Samuel is so chuffed he got happy birthday sung to him, too."
- Katie Bond

"Absolutely brilliant performance this afternoon. My little boy has never sat still for so long. And being able to have his photo taken with Wong and Pong made his day."
- Vikki Roberts

"Been supporting The Wight Strollers for years now and they just get better each year. The costumes were fabulous and Sarah [Scotcher] still has me in stitches."
- Lynda Waddams

"I came this afternoon with my disabled brother and he loved every minute, well done everybody!"
- Joyce Maryon

"Thank you for letting us bring the children from Beaulieu House to this evening's performance, it was enjoyed very much by all."
- Justine Crumplin

"You were amazing, Em [Scotcher]! My niece and Leah loved you, Aladdin and Wishee Washee! I had goosebumps everytime you sang! The whole team was amazing and every character actually spoke and interacted with the audience. I've been to the Mayflower and seen some of the best - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Oliver, Starlight Express, Blood Brothers - and you guys were definitely up there! And Michael's [Mullin] accent was flipping awesome!" 
- Maria Wherry

Thank-you so much, everyone, for such wonderful and kind words - we are so pleased the show is being enjoyed by so many people! If you haven't bought your tickets for Saturday 21st February at 7:30pm yet, we recommend that you get in quick - they're selling out fast!